Back in September I began the 4th chapter of my career. Now as a UX Consultant for Slalom. It’s quite a different beast than my 3 year tenure at Shiftgig.

My initial concerns about being part of a larger company were quickly alleviated. I actually feel like I have more creative freedom here than I did as the design lead before. Funny how that works.

It is now March and I’ve been on my first client project since the beginning which is, I’m told, a very long engagement. But given the project’s size and budget, it isn’t too surprising. I am on a UX team of 3, the IA, ID (Prototype), and me–the Visual Designer. We each get to own our respective domains but there is a lot of cross pollination and a wonderful amount of collaboration within our group and with the client. I’ve gained such an understanding of the client’s business, it’s like I work for them. I am not simply a contractor, or the guy who makes things pretty but a member of their own team. I can speak up and I know I have their attention and my opinion has serious weight. Amazing (and terrifying!). I don’t think this sort of relationship happens everyday. I can’t wait to share the work I’ve been doing.

Outside of the client, Slalom itself has proven itself to be values oriented company. The number of opportunities available is staggering. The people I work with are the best in their fields. The culture and energy in the office are infectious and inspiring. And the beer on tap is on point.