I have been developing for screens since I hijacked the family’s first computer and got a hold of an AOL floppy disk. Always curious, I wanted to learn what made this Internet thing tick and began creating websites of my own at 13.

I began my professional career in video games at Midway where I developed online marketing materials to promote and educate people about our games, like Mortal Kombat and Blitz: The League. I even created box art for MK: Armageddon. It spoiled me for life–but it also instilled a sense of fun into everything I do. I have worked in the agency world, freelanced and helped shape successful startup so far and I eagerly await the next challenge.

If you’d like to see a history of employment, education and accolades—please take a look at my profile on LinkedIn. It is the most up-to-date source for those sorts of things.

####Technical Proficiencies * HTML5 * CSS3 * SASS * jQuery/Javascript

####Tools in my Workflow * Pen & Graph Paper * InVision * Sketch * Photoshop * Illustrator * Coda * GitHub