##From Startup to Corporate I’ve been working with Shiftgig for two years now. In that time I have helped evolve the original site into a mobile-friendly, fully-responsive experience.

I’ve helped streamline the application process, improved job-posting tools for managers, created effective user profiles and developed several marketing partnership experiences with industry brands including New Castle, Smirnoff and Hangar 1.

Users put the results in down-to-earth terms

I think Shiftgig is easy to use. Once you add all your information in, it's really easy to apply to a bunch of jobs. I think it's cool; I like it.

Chris M, Washington, DC

I really, really like the site. It seems really simple and easy to navigate. I have already received my first job invitation with-in the first two days of signing up. So far, so good.

Tasha K, Atlanta

Below are selected interfaces, some never made it beyond the concept phase, some are live right now. Together they tell a story of how the brand evolved and the paths we explored to make a product that met the needs of our users and grow the business.

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