Shiftgig Identity Exploration

##So Long to Stoicism As I learned more about our customers, I became aware of the diversity and vibrancy of the people we serve. It slowly became apparant that the direction we were headed was that of a coporate behemoth. What a downer. All the signs were there, blue everywhere, boring lifeless copy and a stoic logo that was the antethis of the energy our audience embodied.

###The Old Logo(s) Old Shiftgig Old Bullpen

###The New Hotness For Shiftgig, I took inspiration from trends in the industry and the people who work in it, seeking something that was organic, that had life. But tempered with our roots as a technology solution to tradtitional problems and the structure that comes with that tech.

For the Bullpen side, I took a different approach. Bullpen is a service focused on helping companies fill positions on a temporary basis—at short notice and on-demand. Businesses that could utilize this service range from hospitality, to retail and light industrial. So I took a much more classic and utilitarian approach that spoke to the general concept of “industry.”

Together the two were meant to contrast but compliment eachother and to create a diverse but unified product offering.

New Shiftgig New Bullpen Shiftgig Bullpen Bullpen Ad