Shiftgig Code & Branding Standards

##One Doc to Rule Them All One of my passion projects at Shiftgig was to finally take the time to put together a custom, built from the ground up framework we can use on all of our projects. The move away from Drupal gave us this opportunity.

No longer would we need the fluff and cruft provided by Bootstrap or would we have to fight a behemoth of a content management system. We can do this ourselves and we can do it better because it’s built to meet our needs.

Enter SASS, extended by Bourbon, our saviors. Using a CSS pre-processor is brand new to the front-end devs at Shiftgig and despite the mystery and perceived complexity behind them, SASS has proved quite easy to learn and now I can’t live without it.

Now we have rules in place for new developers to get up to speed quickly and the entire company use as a reference from logos to brand colors, all in one place.

The document is a work in progress, done in spare time during our aggressive sprint cycles and you can view it below. 2015 Brand Guide

Brand Guide (circa 2012)